I miss him, he's mine till I'm die, InsyAllah (:

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia (: Sayangg, harini entry pasal you. You know what I miss you so much :( Biyy, even ramai yang tak suka kite copule or jelous no worry I akan hirau kan semua tu. Sebab apa? Sebab I sayang you sangat. Besok I pergi camp, then mama you nak amek lappy you bawak pergi office D: Damnn! Memang kita tak bole skype kann? Okayy, takpe. Asal kite boleh msg kan. Hari Selase Birthday Syira pun kite bole meet kann? Biyy, I love you with everything I am,and more than anyone ever thought possible. You may not here with me, But thoughts of you are always in my heart. I really miss you Amirull Ashraff. Eh, biyy! I've something for you (:


I'm so sad and depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can't fight

I think of you lying in that bed
And wonder if there is anything I could have said
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still near

I love you more than you know
I just wish you didn't have to go
I just want one more day with you
And I know thats what you would have wanted too

I miss you more and more each day
There is so much more we had to say
I know I will see you again
But my life is just started to begin (:

Yeahh, thats for you sayang! Hope you like it.  Biyy, I'll protect you, I'll love you, I'll kiss you, I'll hug you when you really need me, I'll hold you, I'll smile with you every seconds in my daily life, and I'll laugh with you. Ehh everything with you laa Acerapp :) Thats all for my enrty today, last words from me I LOVE YOU THOSE THREE WORDS HAVE MY LIFE IN THEM. Thank you for reading it stalkers, assalamualaikum.

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Ekinn Muhammad